Welcome! from Corine,

Congratulations in taking the first step and acknowledging that a newer, healthier & elevated version of yourself is in reach! 

Knowing just how your body is designed to feel Corine has always been passionate about elevating peoples health and overall  well-being.

A qualified, FHT registerd & insured Therapist & Fitness Coach, having many years experience working in London, Hertford & Essex with a great knowledge  in anatomy & physiology, fitness coaching, teaching of fitness classes, various holistic & remedial massage therapies, guided meditation and energy healing,  this has given her a great understanding of helping people to positively change their lifestyles in a realistic manner and with a great understanding of the human body and mind Corine always endeavors to enhance a physical & emotional progression in each of her clients with her hands on professional treatments.

Corine has a great  intuition when  it comes to getting in tune with people and always has a huge respect for the human body, mind and spirit  of every individual in her presence, bringing a perfect flow of re-balancing and repairing your body whilst freeing up your mind and encouraging you to tune in to your own body to become aware and make room for a beautiful progression. Staying forever conscious of just how precious life is and how much better life can  be with a few healthier adjustments to allow self care and self love in to your lives..

Treating a wide range of clients & symptoms from pro & semi pro sports persons to physically disabled, young & old, doctors, chiropractor, musicians, actors, models, creative types, office workers, laborers, gym enthusiasts, pre & post  natal, fibromyalgia, cerebral  palsy, facial paralysis, scar tissue, anxiety & depression, poor flexibility and much more, this helps to keep Corine engaged and focused in bringing about the highest level of tailored  care and self care advice for a much improved way of life.

Remember when you feel great all those around you will reap the benefits, getting the best version of you!

Massage Benefits everyone

A natural, non invasive form of physical therapy, often finding with a little encouragement from these clean treatments your body is then able to re-balance itself allowing you to once again feel in top condition and well just amazing! With each treatment minor muscular tension is positively manipulated, bringing about a nice, calm physical harmony to the body & mind tailoring each treatment accordingly.  

* Lowering Blood Pressure

* Easing Muscular Tension

* Improving joint/Muscle flexibility

* Relaxing the mind

* Improved Circulation

* Increase of feel good hormones

* Lowering any stress hormones

* Nourishing/Hydrating the skin, improving on elasticity

* Faster Muscle Repair/Recovery

* Aids for a better nights sleep 

* Easing sciatic symptoms

* Reducing Tension Headaches/Migraines

Guided Meditation

A great way for newbies that are interested in other methods to relax, feel grounded and still the mind, finding an inner peace. Today's fast paced and sometimes stressful environments can add feelings of mental pressure, insecurities and emotional weight, through gentle meditation you'll feel a lot of that weight release.

If you've tried meditation yourself and have found it difficult to quiet the mind then this is the one for you, as you relax you will be guided to that inner safe and tranquil place. A place of calm, in turn some of the knock on effects are truly and kindly empowering.

* Reduces Stress

* Calms the Heart

* Clears the Mind

* Enhances self Awareness

* Controls Anxiety

* Promotes Emotional Health

* Improves Attention Span

* Improvements on Self Confidence

* Enhances Self Love, Kindness & Positivity

* Improves Sleep

Energy Healing

A natural way to aid relaxation and assist with the bodies own natural healing processes. This can be very beneficial in relieving emotional stresses and built up stagnant energies, helping you cope with difficulties and improve on your overall well-being as your full cup begins to lessen.  

A gentle yet sometimes powerful therapy that is shared through the hands of the energy healer, allowing a flow of energy to run through the healer to then reach the client, the healer may also get drawn to specific areas of the clients body.  

Some amazing and positive results have been experienced through this universal energy flow therapy all assisted with pure & positive intentions.

* Helps to accelerate the bodies own Healing Process

* Helps to Re-Balance the Body and Mind

* Removes Energy Blockages bringing a feeling of Harmony

* Reduces Stress

* Supports the Immune System

* Elevates the feel good hormone

* Influences Emotional Clearing

* Improves Self Confidence

* Improves ability to Relax